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Postby simon-ses » Mon Nov 18, 2019 3:25 pm
How to correct issues:
(Detailed instructions: https://community.sophos.com/kb/en-us/134552)

The following can be performed on OS 10.14, before upgrading to 10.15, or after 10.15 has been installed. The only exception to this is SophosServiceManager, which can only be added on 10.15.

1) Open System Preferences.
2) Open Security & Privacy.
3) Go to the Privacy tab.
4) Click the lock in the lower left and authenticate to make changes
5) Select "Full Disk Access" on the left side
6) Leave this window open.
7) Open a Finder window
8) Go, go to folder
9) Enter: /Library/Sophos Anti-virus and click go.
10) Drag and drop the following item from the Finder window to the Security & Privacy Full Disk Access window
- SophosAutoUpdate (Enterprise Console managed only)
- SophosCleanD
- SophosScanAgent
- SophosServiceManager
- Sophos Endpoint UIServer (Central Managed only)
- Sophos Diagnostic Utility (from /Library/Sophos Anti-virus/tools/)

11) You may receive a notice that some applications will not have full access until it is quit. This is fine, Later or Quit Now are both valid.
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