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Postby hcho » Wed Feb 27, 2019 3:10 pm

I was just wondering if the provided 3-year warranty is through apple care. Is the warranty coverage international? If I am out of the country and need to have the computer repaired, is it covered by the warranty?
Postby simon-ses » Wed Feb 27, 2019 5:41 pm

Note: Apples warranty extension Apple Care Protection Plan has been replaced by AppleCare+.

All Neptun recommended configurations are bundeled with a Data Quest CarePlan, which is only valid in Switzerland. So if you need to have your laptop repaired while abroad you have to have it done by an official Apple Service Provider and then claim the bill with DataQuest when you are back in Switzerland.

If you order an individual configuration you will have to add additional warranty options to your order yourself.

In contrast to AppleCare+ (which also includes 2 repairs of damage caused by unintentional accidents), the DQ Careplan is just a simple extension of the warranty to 3 years. For laptops, it is priced at CHF 99.-. If preferred, AppleCare+ is also available to be added to your order but it is a fair bit pricier.

A comparison of DQ CarePlan and AppleCare+ can be found here (unfortunately there is no English version of this site):
https://www.dataquest.ch/dienstleistung ... laengerung

Best regards,
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