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Postby larsd » Mon Mar 05, 2018 3:32 pm
Dear forum,

I am strongly considering getting the new Latitude 7490.

I have read some reviews of the 7480 and it gives me a positive vibe towards the 7490. However, as I have not found any reviews of the new 7490, only some announcements, I have some doubts:

1) Online one finds the claim that the 7490 is newly equipped with an energy-saving 1080p screen. Is this the case for the model offered?

2) As the 7490 comes with a quadcore i5-8250u instead of i5-7200u, I was questioning the thermal condition inside the laptop. Even though both come with 15W TDP, I somehow doubt that the quadcore at clock-speed of 1.6GHz will be as energy-saving as the predecessor i5-7200u. Are there some experiences?

If to both doubts there is a positive answer, then I'd rather go for the Latitude 7490 instead of a much more expensive Thinkpad T480 or older and cheaper Thinkpad T.

Best regards,

Btw, I plan to use it with Arch Linux, i.e. ordering the Ubuntu-version and performing a clean reinstall...
Postby Michael » Wed Mar 07, 2018 11:02 am
Hi Lars

Our configuration of the 7490 does not include the new low-power display. However, we measured almost 10 hours of battery life in typical office conditions (with MobileMark) with a bright display setting at 250 nits. With a brightness of 150 nits that is recommended for office lighting situations, you should see an even better battery life. Tests with the 7480 last summer showed a slightly better battery life at around 12 hours, but both devices will easily last an entire work day.

Regarding the CPUs, we did not see a negative impact on battery life when comparing devices where only the CPU changed from one generation to the next. The Lenovo X1 Carbon, for example, saw an improvement of about 20% from the 5th to the 6th generation, and the T480s has 40% more battery life than the T470s.

I recommend getting the Dell 7490 instead of the 7480 since the differences in battery life are small, and the improvements in CPU performance are substantial between dual core and quad core processors.

Best wishes
Postby larsd » Thu Mar 08, 2018 8:56 am
Hey Michael,

thanks for the details. In the end I went for the Latitude 7490.
Main boost indeed seems to be the quadcore for short-period stress.

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