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Postby Onturenio » Fri Mar 20, 2015 11:09 am
Good morning,

I'm having a hard time to install Suse Linux in parallel with the pre-installed Window 8. It's a bit disappointing given that I have read many positive review regarding how this laptop works with Linux "out of the box". Indeed I bought Lenovo because I though it was especially Linux friendly. Unfortunately it turns out it is not as easy.

First, I had to change the BIOS setup to allow booting from the USB. This allowed me to install Suse. However when I restarted it loads directly Windows 8, completely ignoring GRUB. Then I went again into the BIOS and deactivated all the "security features". This produced a much more ugly boot screen, but finally allows to boot Grub, where in principle I can select which OS I want. However there are two major problems:

- Grub is slow. But REALLY slow. Each time I press "down" to move within the options, it needs about 2 seconds to redraw the screen. In need about 10 seconds just to select Windows 8. This time is comparable with the booting time of Linux, by the way.

- Although Suse loads nicely and very fast, Windows does not work any more. I get a blank screen asking me to reinstall Windows. If I want Windows, I have to go to the BIOS, re-activate all security stuff so that GRUB is not loaded, and then I can get to Windows 8 directly.

Having to change the BIOS every time I want to switch the OS is a very rude solution for something that I though it was resolved 10 years ago. Does someone else have similar experience with this laptop and Linux?

PS: there are other small problems related to Linux, like a not so small problem with sleeping mode, but I will post once I manage to work around the major flaws.

Any advice on how to improve this lame situation is very welcome. Bios update? Removing Recovery partitions?...
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