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Postby Tim » Sat Sep 09, 2017 10:10 am
Dear Neptun
I was looking for an option to assemble a configuration on my own for a Macbook Pro 13" (2017) but keep getting lost on the Data Quest Site. Could you let me know if it is still possible to configure an apple set up to one's wishes, and if so where I could find it on either one of the websites?

Big thanks in advance!

P.s I am looking for a model with the following specs:

MacBook Pro 13" (Space Grey) - without that touch bar
Keboard German (non Swiss)
i7 2,5Ghz
16 GB Ram
Postby simon-ses » Sat Sep 09, 2017 12:39 pm
Hi Tim

- go to Projekt Neptun Website
- select Apple
- select "Individual MacBook configurations"
- complete verification
-> you will arrive in the DataQuest Neptun Shop (URL should begin with "spez-s.dataquest.ch", please clear your browser cache)
- select "Mac Book Pro"
- select the category "Mac Book Pro 13 (2017)" on the left
- use the filter on the left side to find the configuration you would like (only configurations that are offered by Apple/DataQuest are available)

- If your configuration is not listed with your prefered keyboard, mind the note displayed in red (see attachment)
2017-09-09 12_33_04-MacBook Pro 13_ (2017) - MacBook Pro - Apple.png
2017-09-09 12_33_04-MacBook Pro 13_ (2017) - MacBook Pro - Apple.png (11.33 KiB) Viewed 6735 times

-> You will have to contact DataQuest (via online Form or by calling 044/360 39 14) to place this special order

Please mind that only the Neptun Bundle has the DataQuest Careplan already included, so if you want to have 3 years of warranty for your individual configuration, you will have to add the CarePlan yourself.

Best regards,
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